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Why Your North American Business Needs to Be Telemarketing in Spanish!

Telemarketing in Spanish is an easy way to make a large difference in your bottom line. The demographics revealing the huge market that responds to Spanish only is staggering, and your business needs to look into this if you sell anything at all that a Hispanic individual might want.

Let’s Gaze at the Numbers…

To get a picture of how vast and ripe this market is, consider the following:

•    Hispanics make up 16.7 percent of the nation's total population, around 52,000,000. The projected Hispanic population of the United States will be 132.8 million by July 1, 2050. 1 in 6 Americans is now a Hispanic.
•    The Hispanic estimated buying power in 2012 is $1.2 trillion dollars.
•    A large majority of Hispanics (59 percent) speak Spanish all the time, with another 33% reporting that they speak Spanish at least 50% of the time.
•    Of U.S. Hispanic residents 5 and older, 37 million or 75.1% spoke Spanish at home.

Six Reasons Why You Need to Be Telemarketing in Spanish

1.    The Hispanic market is family driven – Hispanics tend to share their experiences with good products and services widely among their social sphere. This is becoming even more prevalent with the adoption of social media in the Spanish speaking communities. What’s more, Hispanics are very brand loyal.

2.    Native Spanish speaking agents relate – Cultural differences matter, and having a native speaker addressing your customer’s needs and concerns can make all the difference. And it’s not simply the language, but the culture itself.

3.    It will free up staff for other marketing purposes – Having a trained team handling all your telemarketing in Spanish, you and the rest of your staff can devote time and energy to other marketing tasks you are more suited to handle.
4.    They can handle a multitude of marketing-related tasks – Call center employees are highly trained to not only handle your calls according to script, but can upsell or cross-sell other merchandise, and can also execute social media campaigns, direct sales, customer service and more.
5.    They utilize your script – You decide what your message will be, and it will be executed according to your wishes!

6.    You get to explore an entirely new market segment! – A vast new market will now be open for your business, and it is one that is only getting larger as time goes on!

So Which Telemarketing in Spanish Company Is the Best?

ListenUpEspanol, winner of a Best in Biz Award for Company of the Year in 2013, is far and away the best choice for telemarketing in Spanish. With corporate offices in Portland, Maine, and with a 500-seat, state-of-the-art call center in Hermosillo, Mexico, ListenUpEspanol is ready to become your answer for telemarketing in Spanish!  

How to Best Use Telemarketing en Espanol


Since one in six Americans is of Hispanic origin, and a full 75% of those speak Spanish in the home, it is clear why telemarketing in Espanol is a service whose time is now! This vast market segment is growing by leaps and bounds, and one hurdle remains, however, and that is the traditional resistance to telemarketing. Let’s look at how this applies to the Hispanic market, and how it can be overcome.  

Traditional Telemarketing – Overcome the Objections!

Speak of telemarketing to most Anglo-Americans and you’ll get a turned-up nose, and a promise to place them on the Do Not Call registry. In the Hispanic market it’s a bit different.

First of all, Hispanics are adopting mobile phones faster and more comprehensively than any other market segment in the U.S. Hispanic mobile users are nearly 40% more likely to own a smartphone, and 46.9% are predicted to own one by the end of 2013. More than 40% of Hispanics frequently use their phones to help with shopping, specifically in the areas of electronics, movies, grocery shopping and clothing.

Reaching out with customer service and outbound marketing is the next logical step, and having a native speaking representative from your company on the other end is sure to elicit a pleasant reaction.

Will Your Customers Respond to Telemarketing in Espanol?

One of the most oft-cited objections by Hispanic consumers to phone contact by U.S. companies is the lack of customer service reps who speak Spanish.

Simply having sales and service personnel who not only speak the language, but also have a born and bred cultural sensibility, as only a native speaker can, can go a long way toward building trust and ultimately a profitable relationship. Successful business relationships are also apt to be shared socially by Hispanics.

The best of these services can not only bring elements of trust into your sales and service team, but also can actually help with upselling related and corollary products and services. A totally integrated process can take the experience from being one of simply taking an order, to building a sales relationship that will last years.

Who Is the Best Choice for Telemarketing in Espanol?

With buying power now estimated at more than $1 trillion annually, only a company positioned to serve this market effectively will do, and that is ListenUpEspanol. A recent winner of the Best in Biz Award for Company of the Year, ListenUpEspanol is clearly established as the market leader in reaching the U.S. Hispanic Consumer market. Headquartered in Portland, Maine, and with some 800+ native speaking employees at their state of the art call center in Hermosillo, Mexico, ListenUpEspanol is ready to become your answer for telemarketing in Espanol! Check them today!

If you’re not yet using the services of a Spanish language call center, then you’re about to find out what you’ve been missing! A Spanish language call center can work for your business on quite a few levels, opening up an entire new market segment for you. Let’s look at some of the reasons you need to seriously consider this type of service!

Why should you consider a Spanish language call center?

In the event you haven’t heard these numbers, there is a great deal of research that indicates that the Hispanic market in the U.S. is the fastest growing population segment around. With over 50 million Hispanics in the United States right now, and some 100 million projected by 2050, this is a fast-growing and vibrant consumer market, with more than $1.2 trillion in buying power today.

Studies show that there are 35 million U.S. residents (5 years or older) who speak Spanish in the home. Is your company prepared to reach out to these people?

What can a Spanish language call center actually do?

There are a great many marketing tasks that a capable call center can take on for you. Beyond the obvious task of bridging the language barrier, there is also a cultural component that a top-notch Spanish language call center can bring to the table. Spanish speaking consumers feel far more comfortable dealing with sales staff who they can relate to.

Your call center can help with items such as inbound marketing calls, upselling and cross-selling, customer service, lead generation, social media marketing, internet marketing, non-profit fundraising, live chat, mobile marketing and much more!

Call center employees are trained to work off your scripts, and are incentivized for better sales performance. As native speaking Hispanics themselves, they are able to engender trust and comfort in the relationship with the caller. They are also highly trained in sales psychology, and sales managers use analytics, sales reporting and contests to get the best results possible.   

Which Spanish language call center to choose?

Without doubt, our best choice for a Spanish language call center is ListenUpEspanol. INC500 has ranked ListenUpEspanol #1 in Business Products and Services and #27 among the Fastest Growing Private Companies. With home offices in Portland, Maine, and a 500-seat, 800-employee call center in Hermosillo, Mexico, is ready to help open the Hispanic market to your products and services today!


Merchants in the United States have been slow to warm to the idea of having a native speaking call center in Mexico. There are many great reasons why a call center in Mexico is a winning proposal. Let’s go over just some of them!

Why a Call Center in Mexico?

With more than 50 million Hispanics living in the U.S., many of whom do not speak English fluently or comfortably, yet who still represent more than 12 % of the buying power of consumers in the country, it is a market segment that you ignore at your company’s peril!

Consumers have proven time and again that they feel far more comfortable conversing in their native language, particularly with salespeople who are not only fluent in their language, but culturally attuned to them. A call center in Mexico staffed with native speakers can easily meet this need for your company.

4 Terrific Reasons to Use a Bilingual Call Center

Opens up a vast market – If your company is not currently exploring options in this market, there is a vast opportunity here for the taking. The Hispanic market in the U.S. is the fastest growing demographic in the last ten years, and the trend is projected to grow far into the future. What’s more, Hispanics tend to stay loyal to a brand when they have a good experience with it, and spread the word!

Customer service around the clock – Having a dedicated call center in Mexico allows you to deliver top-notch customer service 24/7. Complaints and issues get handled, and don’t fester for days until someone on your staff can get to it, even if they do speak the language!

Marketing tasks get done – The call center can handle a diverse number of marketing tasks, including direct sales, social media marketing, fundraising, customer service, technical support and help desk, lead generation and more!

Frees up your staff for more opportunities – Having a dedicated call center will enable you and your staff to explore and implement other marketing activities and campaigns you may not have had time for before, knowing that the Hispanic market segment is in capable hands.

Where Do You Find a Call Center in Mexico?

In our view, the best call center in Mexico is a company called ListenUpEspanol. With a company headquarters in Portland, Maine, and a new 500-seat call center in Hermosillo, Mexico, they offer highly trained staff, the latest in technology, and the skills you need. Give a try today!

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